Refill pack for Audi singleframe fragrance dispenser, black, oriental. Refills also available for red and yellow fragrance dispensers

The practical refill fragrance stick with a pleasant oriental fragrance.

Practical refill pack for Audi single frame design air freshener. The fragrance stick can be easily changed without great effort. The black fragrance stick with an oriental fragrance based on a mixture of bergamot, lavender, exotic flowers, sandalwood and reassuring musk. Provides a pleasant fragrance in the vehicle for approx. 45 days.

Fragrance: Oriental
Colour: Black

Items supplied:
  • 3 individually packed fragrance sticks
  • 1 information sheet
  • Certain areas of the vehicle interior can quickly exceed temperatures of 85 °C (e.g. dash panel, air vents etc.) during intensive sunlight. The product must not be exposed to temperatures above 85 °C.
  • The fragrance is initially very intensive, but gradually decreases over time. The fragrance intensity is also dependent on the temperature in the vehicle

Your benefits
  • Practical. Easy to change.
  • Flexible. The air freshener, in Audi single frame design, can be used as often as required.
  • Pleasant. Provides an oriental fragrance in the vehicle.
  • Encapsulated. Fragrance molecules are integrated in the polymer.