In addition to standard MMI Radio Plus, includes the following:
  • 8.3” high-resolution colour MMI display
  • MMI touch-sensitive control panel for fast, intuitive operation, handwriting recognition, and ability to move and zoom freely on the map
  • Integrated navigation with 3D map display of places of interest
  • Online map updates (includes five free updates) and myAudi special destinations which allows you to download special destinations such as your favourite restaurants into your navigation system via your myAudi account†
  • Detailed route information: map preview, choice of alternative routes, POIs, lane recommendations, motorway exits, detailed junction maps and more
  • Traffic information online (in conjunction with Audi Connect Infotainment Services)
  • MMI search: free text search with intelligent suggestions provided during entry
  • Natural voice recognition
  • Jukebox hard drive memory for music (10GB)
  • DVD drive for music CDs and video DVDs
  • 2x SDCX card readers
  • Audi Connect Infotainment Services (36-month subscription). Convenient high-speed 4G internet access in your car via an embedded SIM card with no data charge. Highlights of Audi Connect Infotainment Services include navigation with Google Earth™ and Google Street View™, destination input via myAudi or Google Maps™ and access to Google, travel information and online weather and news
†Terms and conditions apply. With myAudi Special Destinations, you can download your favourite POI lists available on the internet (such as favourite restaurants) and have these displayed on your navigation map. In order to enjoy this service, customers must register, accept the terms and conditions and follow the instructions given on myAudi. Please visit