Adaptive Speed Assist, Emergency Assist and Audi Side Assist

Adaptive Speed Assist combines adaptive cruise control with lane centre guidance to support the driver with accelerating, braking and maintaining distances as well as helping them to stay in lane. Within system limits, Adaptive Speed Assist uses the radar sensor built into the front of the vehicle, the front camera and the ultrasound sensor to continuously monitor the vehicle’s surroundings. The system maintains the speed and distance to the vehicle in front and conveniently helps the driver to stay in lane by means of gentle corrective steering intervention in the speed range from 0 to 124mph*. This can increase ride comfort, especially on long journeys and in congested traffic situations. Restart is triggered automatically or manually after having stopped briefly. The driver remains responsible for controlling the vehicle and can override Adaptive Speed Assist at any time.

Emergency Assist
If Lane Departure Warning and Adaptive Speed Assist are active and no driver activity is detected, the system provides the driver with a visual, acoustic and haptic warning. If no response is detected after these warnings the vehicle is held in lane and the brakes are applied, reducing the vehicle to a standstill. The hazard warning lights are also activated.

Audi Side Assist
Aids the driver when changing lane. Audi Side Assist monitors the area behind your car using radar sensors, it then informs the driver with a visual warning signal in the door mirror if there is a vehicle in their blind spot or approaching quickly from behind. Works at speeds from approximately 10mph.

In combination with Parking System Plus or Park Assist, Cross Traffic Assist Rear is also included. This warns the driver of traffic crossing behind their own vehicle when starting to reverse without having a clear view of the situation (e.g. perpendicular parking space with restricted view or narrow driveway). The system alerts the driver first visually and then acoustically via the MMI, and can apply a brake jolt if a potential collision is detected.
Vehicle driver assistance and safety systems are not a substitute for attentive driving. Drivers retain full responsibility for providing the necessary inputs for safe control of the vehicle.