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Audi Selective Catalyst Reduction and AdBlue®

What is Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) system and AdBlue®?

Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) is a system fitted to a number of Audi diesel models which works with AdBlue to reduce nitrogen oxide levels. Systems like this are necessary to meet the Euro 6 (EU 6) emissions standard.

How do I know if my Audi has an SCR system?

All Audi models fitted with an SCR system have an AdBlue filler cap under the diesel fuel filler flap (some earlier models have them in the boot of the vehicle).

If you’re not sure, ask the team at your local Audi Centre or consult the owner’s handbook.

How do I know if my Audi needs an AdBlue® top-up?

Your Audi will alert you when you have 1,500 miles to go until your AdBlue runs out. It will continue to count down as you drive – this is the time left to top up your AdBlue. If you’ve noticed an AdBlue warning light, it’s imperative to top up the tank; if you allow the tank to run empty, your Audi will not start again after switching off the engine.

How often will my Audi need to be topped up with AdBlue®?

The intervals for topping up AdBlue can vary. As with fuel consumption, AdBlue usage depends on a number of factors, such as the size of your AdBlue tank, driving style, journey type, road and weather conditions, and the load placed on your engine. You can find out the size of your AdBlue tank by looking at your owner’s manual or speaking to your local Audi Centre.

It’s more than likely that your AdBlue will need to be replenished before your car is due for its regular service. You can book your car in for a service online.

How do I top up my Audi's AdBlue®?

When the AdBlue warning appears for the first time, your local Audi Centre can refill the tank at a fixed price of £1.50 per litre, including VAT and labour. While you’re with us, you can also take advantage of our complimentary Vehicle Health Check and wash and vacuum. Alternatively, you can replenish the AdBlue tank yourself. Audi-approved refill bottles are available from your Audi Centre. AdBlue can be purchased from a number of outlets, however please ensure you only use AdBlue products that meet ISO standard 22241-1.

Some AdBlue bottles have a filler tank adapter, which screws onto the filler neck of the AdBlue tank underneath the screw cap. Some AdBlue filler caps on older models will require a tool to undo the cap. This is located in the boot. Larger AdBlue containers require a connecting pipe, available at your local Audi Centre.

Please note: We recommend you always consult your owner’s manual or ask your local Audi Centre for more information.

Do I need to take any precautions when topping up AdBlue®?

• When handling AdBlue, wear suitable protective clothing such as rubber gloves and glasses as AdBlue can act as a mild corrosive

• If AdBlue comes into contact with eyes or skin, rinse for at least 15 minutes with plenty of water and seek medical help. If AdBlue is swallowed, wash the mouth with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Do not try to induce vomiting unless recommended by a doctor. Seek medical advice immediately

• AdBlue can damage surfaces such as painted vehicle parts, plastic, items of clothing and carpets. Spilt AdBlue should be removed quickly with a damp cloth and cold water. Affected areas can be slippery and may cause structural or staining problems with brick or concrete surfaces

• You should keep all refilling equipment free of dust and dirt

• Avoid mixing AdBlue with diesel fuel and do not use if it’s contaminated with water or fuel of any kind. In case of contamination, do not start your car – contact your roadside assistance provider