Lane change warning with exit warning and cross traffic assist rear
This assistance system supports the driver in city traffic and on roads with multiple lanes. Within system limits, the driver assist system uses the radar sensors to monitor the area to the rear and side of the vehicle. Lane change warning helps the driver monitor the traffic behind the vehicle.
Two additional radar sensors installed on the rear record vehicles approaching from behind at the side or vehicles alongside. The distance and the speed difference of the vehicles can be measured and analysed. In the event of a situation deemed critical for a lane change, the system warns the driver by means of LED displays in the relevant exterior mirror.

Cross Traffic Assist Front
Intersection assist monitors the area in front of and to the side of the vehicle on intersections and exit roads using the radar sensors built into the front of the vehicle. If available, the information from the cameras for the 360° display is also used. Within system limits, the system detects moving objects such as cars that are approaching. The system operates at speeds up to 18 mph, brake pulses are performed up to 6 mph. In situations deemed critical, the system issues multi-stage warning messages. First, a visual and acoustic warning is provided. If the driver fails to react, a warning brake pulse follows.