MMI Navigation Plus with MMI Touch In addition to standard MMI Radio Plus, includes the following: ► MMI touch-sensitive control panel for fast, intuitive operation, handwriting recognition, and ability to move and zoom freely on the map ► Integrated navigation with 3D map display of places of interest ► Online map updates (includes five free updates) and myAudi special destinations which allows you to download special destinations such as your favourite restaurants into your navigation system via your myAudi account* ► Detailed route information: map preview, choice of alternative routes, POIs, lane recommendations, motorway exits, detailed junction maps and more ► Dynamic route guidance traffic updates with TMCpro (in combination with Audi Connect Infotainment Services: traffic information online) ► MMI search: free text search with intelligent suggestions provided during entry ► Jukebox hard drive memory for music (10GB) ► DVD drive for music CDs and video DVDs ► 2x SDXC card readers
Audi Connect Infotainment Services (36-month subscription) – The link between your Audi and the internet, giving you access to entertainment, information and search functions operated via the MMI control panel, the multi-functional steering wheel or the voice control system. With high-speed internet access in your car when an external data source is used, you can call up information such as flight times, fuel prices, weather and other online services provided by third parties, as well as Points of Interest and high-resolution aerial and satellite pictures from Google Earth™.

These services are available only in conjunction with an existing or separate mobile phone contract and only within the range of the respective mobile phone network. Additional costs may be incurred when receiving data packets from the internet, depending on the terms of your mobile phone contract, particularly when used abroad. Due to the high data volumes involved, a data flat rate is strongly recommended.
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Audi Phone Box with wireless charging Offers wireless charging (with Qi-enabled compatible phones) and creates an additional Bluetooth interface for a second device, meaning 2 mobile phones can be connected to the vehicle simultaneously. For mobile phone and software version compatibility, please visit your Audi Centre.