Complete winter wheel in 5-spoke design, brilliant silver, 6 J x 16, 205/60 R16 92H, left

Provides even greater dynamics.

The sporty winter complete wheel in 5-spoke-design in brilliant silver with MICHELIN Alpin 5 AO winter tyre. Wheel specifications Wheel size: 6 J x 16 Wheel bolt circle: 112/5 Wheel offset: 43 mm Colour: brilliant silver Snow chain compatible: yes Tyre specifications Tyres: MICHELIN Alpin 5 AO Tyre size: 205/60 R 16 92H Directional tread pattern: left The wheels are supplied completely assembled and balanced. We only use lead-free zinc balancing weights. We recommend the wheel rim cleaning set for the care of the wheel rims.

EU-Tyre labelling
Fuel efficiency: E, Wet grip: B
External rolling noise measured value: 68 dB

More information about EU-tyre labelling: and
Not suitable for Audi SQ2 and Audi Q2 1.5 TFSI. Can be used with snow chains. Wheel bolts are not included in the items supplied. Please use the existing series wheel bolts. Your Audi partner will be happy to inform you about vehicle-specific restrictions and TÜV approvals. Please refer to the relevant notes in the Guide to Wheels and Tyres. EU tyre markings: Fuel efficiency class: E Wet adhesion class: B External rolling noise measurement: 68 dB Further information reference EU tyre marking are located under: and

Your benefits
  • Accurate fitting. Technically designed for your vehicle.
  • Durable. Thanks to extreme test procedures many challenges have been addressed.
  • High quality. Materials that have been subject to strict tests. Cast aluminium wheels with additional strength through heat treatment (hardening).
  • Weatherproof. Up to 4 coats of paint and numerous paint tests protect against light, weather and corrosion.
  • Tested. Winter tyres from leading manufactures which are specifically matched to the respective vehicle.
  • Attractive. Harmonic overall picture of vehicle and design of the wheel.