The coffee experience during breaks.

The mobile coffee machine is inserted into a compatible cup holder and connected to the 12V socket. Fresh coffee can be provided during breaks using the Espresso mobile. A coffee experience when travelling. The Espresso mobile may not be used while driving and must also be securely stowed. The vehicle must be stationary and safely parked when using the Espresso mobile.

Items supplied:
Espresso mobile unit
Storage bag
2 espresso cups
Cleaning cloth
Waste container
Operating instructions (English, French, Italian, Danish, German, Dutch)
For models with a cup holder.
Only usable with ESE pads.

Espresso mobile is not designed for continuous use.
According to the Audi Owner's Handbook, the maximum power rating of the 12V socket is 120 watt. It is still safe to use the Espresso mobile (power consumption 140 W) provided no other electrical loads are connected to any of the other 12V sockets.

Your benefits
  • Refreshing. Provides fresh coffee during breaks.
  • Practical. Is held in a compatible cup holder and supplied with electricity from the 12V socket.