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  • Comfort and Sound Pack
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A pack that adds value by combining some of our most popular options – designed to offer convenience as well as enhancing your driving comfort and sound experience.

Bang & Olufsen 3D Sound System
The system features 20 loudspeakers including two subwoofers and centre loudspeaker and a 16-channel amplifier with an output of 755 watts. Spatial sound reproduction through the new 3D sound feature for the front seats. Includes speed-sensitive volume adjustment and illuminated loudspeakers within the front doors.

Advanced key with electric hands-free boot opening system
Access and authorisation system that works through automatic data exchange between key and vehicle, allowing the driver to keep their car key in their pocket or bag at all
times. To unlock and open, simply lift the exterior door handle. Pressing the start/stop button integrated in the centre console starts and stops the engine. Also includes an electric hands-free boot lid release sensor located underneath the rear bumper, which can be operated by a simple kicking movement below the sensor.

Rear-view camera

An image of the area behind the vehicle is shown on the MMI display. Reversing camera is concealed in the handle strip in the luggage compartment lid Options are subject to availability and may extend time taken for delivery.

Bang & Olufsen 3D Sound System